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A Groats-worth of Grotesques has coagulated into a book. You can purchase it here.

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As the The Skull as a Complete Gentleman Company congeals from the Vagueness, our Drive Thru RPG has come into existence. Our first contrivance is available for download, a generic OSR Character Sheet done in the blackwork style of the late 16th century at the cost of “Pay as your Heart Desires”.

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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Being a SYSTEM-AGNOSTIC Role Playing supplemental treatise on monsters, in other words a BESTIARY. Describing at large the true and lively figure of around 150 creatures, their several names, conditions, kinds, virtues, and their love and hatred toward humans. Gathered out of diverse learned authors, philosophers, physicians, and poets, sacred and profane. Interwoven with a variety of historical narrations: illustrated with diverse emblems, both pleasant and profitable. Game statistics described vaguely in the style of the original role-playing game. Available early 2021.

Available for purchase at Early 2021

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